Fast Cash App Review – A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money?

Welcome to my Fast Cash App review!

“A controversial new system like you have never seen before.”

At least that’s what they want you to believe because, to me, this looks just like another over-promising product that I have seen dozens of times before.

In this review, I will be showing different red flags that I encountered with this product and why it’s not the best way to make money online.

I’m not associated with Fast Cash App in any way, so you are going to get my honest opinion about this product.

(UPDATE: The site doesn’t exist anymore so it most likely got shut down.)

Fast Cash App Review

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Fast Cash App Review Summary

  • Product Name: Fast Cash App
  • Owners: “Robert Fisher”
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Price: $37 + upsells

Summary: Fast Cash App is a “make money online” opportunity that is just a new name for the older product called Smart Cash App. Both are made by “Robert Fisher” and offer a generic overview of affiliate marketing and how to promote the product itself to make money. The sales video is misleading and doesn’t live up to its promises.

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

What Is Fast Cash App?

Fast Cash App is a new Clickbank product claiming you could earn up to $22,750 in your first week by using their simple step-by-step instructions.

The sales pitch sure starts with a bang by selling you a big dream.

The important word in the claim is you “could” earn that amount in your first week but I 99% guarantee that you can’t achieve such figures as a beginner.

Just think this for a second, $22,750 per week equals $91,000 per month and $1.1M per year. All this in your first week from a product that costs $37?

It’s possible to achieve figures like that with an online business given enough time but in one week? Not going to happen.

The product itself was launched in January 2019 by Robert Fisher who is known for re-selling his old product under a new name. Fast Cash App is alarmingly similar to an older product called Smart Cash App which was also made by Robert Fisher.

Robert Fisher is most likely just a pen name since you can’t find any information or pictures related to him. It tells a lot about the product if you can’t advertise it with your own face.

This is a common practice for con-artists who want to keep their identity a secret so they can keep creating more fraudulent products in the future.

I have reviewed other very similar products in the past like Fast Profits Online and Bulletproof Profits.

Closer Look At Fast Cash App

Fash Cash App Logo

One of the biggest red flags I noticed with this product is the lack of information about what the actual product is. There are zero hints of what you are buying into.

You are only given information on how this product is insanely profitable and contains some sort of amazing trick to make you up to $2,750 a day.

In reality, you are only getting PDF-file and short videos which are merely an overview of how you can make money online. It’s basically information that you can find for free and there aren’t any secret tricks.

The problem with this kind of training is that there’s zero hand-holding for beginners and you can’t ask for help because there is no community behind the product. Both major ingredients for success are missing.

This kind of dream selling usually appeals to people who are completely new to making money online and those who are financially in a bad spot.

In essence, products like this are made to take advantage of people’s distress and most of the time do not offer any proper solution to their situation. It only gets worse.

How Much Does Fast Cash App Really Cost?

Something caught my eye in the sales video and that was the mention of how there are no hidden fees.

Fast Cash App Lie

That isn’t true because immediately after joining you will be faced with upsells totaling up to $500

The whole price structure for this product goes like this:

  • Fast Cash App $37.00
  • Fast Cash 2.0 $197.00
  • Fast Cash Pro $177.00
  • Fast Cash Social $97.00

The sales video makes you think you get the full product for the price of $37 but in reality, the owner only wants to milk more money out of you.

They also resort to pressuring methods like saying “these licenses will sell out very soon” which is not true at all. It’s apparent that the owner only cares about the money so why would a digital product suddenly become out of stock? That usually happens to physical products only.

The Truth About Fast Cash App

To be honest, I’m not going to pay $500 to get access to the full product because I already know it’s not going to deliver what was promised.

However, I’m pretty sure what is behind the paywalls.

Judging by the sales video, other sources, and how “Robert” tells this is a win-win situation for both us, the full product is about promoting Fast Cash App itself through means of affiliate marketing.

The idea is to make money by getting other people to buy the same product and you get a piece of the profits if someone decides to buy the product through your unique links.

This way both you and the owner benefit from the process.

I’m rather familiar with the subject because I started my online business journey with affiliate marketing.

As someone who has gone through it, I can tell you that making money with this business model takes some hard work and dedication. It’s not possible to work for 25 minutes a day and expect to earn $22k in your first week. It takes many months to see any decent profits.

The sales video also mentioned this as an autopilot solution that offers huge results that affiliate marketing actually can be. It’s amazing to make money while you sleep but they forgot to mention that you need to work for many months and most of the time even years before you can call the business to run on an “autopilot”.

When it comes to promoting a product like Fast Cash App, considering all the red flags and unethical marketing tactics, would you be able to recommend this product to others with a straight face?

I sure wouldn’t.

There are way better methods to make living with the affiliate marketing business model and I will show you an alternative below this post.

Who Is The Fast Cash App For?

The fishy background of the “Robert Fisher” and all the misleading marketing in the sales page makes this product really hard to recommend to anyone.

To be honest, you can find better training for free around the Internet.

Pros Of Fast Cash App

#1 – 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is a Clickbank product so a proper refund policy is available for those who want their money back.

Cons Of Fast Cash App

#1 – Lacking Transparency

This product is lacking transparency in multiple different sectors.

The sales video presented people who have supposedly made money using this program but this “proof” is just text on paper. There were no pictures of the users or anything that would make the income proof real.

The fact that you have to swipe a credit card before you even see what you bought is ridiculous and tells there is something fishy going on.

#2 – Same Product But Different Name

I already mentioned it but this product is just an old product with a new name and small changes.

The Smart Cash App has a very similar name, same owner and identical upsell structure.

#3 – Upsells

There were supposed to be no hidden fees but around $500 is required to unlock the full product.

The sales page also has “start my 60-day risk-free trial” button and you would think that this trial is free like they usually are but not with this product.

When you click the button, you need to enter your email so they get your email for future promotions and after that, you need to pay $37 to proceed.

Is Fast Cash App A Scam?

You get generic training for your money so it is not a 100% scam but does this product live up to its promises?


There’s not $2000 worth of free content like mentioned and you won’t make $22k in your first week. It’s possible that as a beginner you won’t make a dime following the guideline.

There are hidden fees and it feels like the owner is only after your wallet.

Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

I mentioned briefly that I’m familiar with affiliate marketing because I started my first online business with that model.

Making money while you sleep is truly possible for everyone but you need to get rid of the idea that it will be fast and easy like it was presented in this product.

When I was a beginner, it took me many months to see any kind of results and even then it was only possible because I was willing to learn and do the hard work.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way then I suggest you take a look at this legit training course that is free to join.

Thanks for reading my review.

Talk soon.

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