Is Gold Opinions a Scam? – (It’s Not Worth Your Money)

Getting paid $50 for sharing your opinion sounds nice but is it actually realistic? What if this is just another scam in disguise?

In this review, I’m going to reveal what this site is all about, how they operate, and most importantly; is Gold Opinions a scam?

Down below, I will also include how I personally make money online which I consider a “better” way than survey sites.

Ready to find out the truth?

Is Gold Opinions A Scam?

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Gold Opinions Review Summary

  • Product Name: Gold Opinions (
  • Owners: “Paul Parker”
  • Product Type: Intermediary “survey” site
  • Price: $1 (7-day trial) and $27/month afterward

Summary: Gold Opinions is an intermediary “survey” site with a monthly $27 subscription fee. The whole site is an unnecessary bridge between survey takers and market research companies. You shouldn’t be paying expensive monthly fees for survey lists that you can normally find for free in every legit paid survey site. This service is built to benefit the owner more than the customer.

Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

What Is Gold Opinions?

Gold Opinions claims to be a survey website where you can take high paying premium surveys and redeem exciting rewards for sharing your opinion.

Below you can see how much you can make according to their promises.

Gold Opinions Promises

I have done surveys in the past and to me, these numbers seem way too good to be true.

The reality for most surveys is that you only get paid cents or a couple of dollars at most for your efforts. Sometimes you don’t even get paid money but instead, earn points which you can redeem for gift cards and such.

And if you actually happened to find a high paying premium survey, most of the time these come with a bunch of qualifications you need to meet. It’s hard if not impossible to make decent money with surveys if you are a non-US person due to geographic restrictions.

In my opinion, Gold Opinion’s income promises are misleading and not worth the effort. It’s simply not possible to earn thousands of dollars per month by just filling out surveys, even if you live in the states.

This case study supports my thoughts;

It’s about a guy who filled surveys for a month straight and earned close to $250 at the end of the month. He also mentioned that he didn’t see a $50 premium survey even once during his case study.

Surveys are supplementary cash at best, not a full-time income.

The Truth About Gold Opinions

gold opinions logo

Gold Opinions gives you the impression that they are a paid survey site but this is not exactly the case.

They are only an intermediary between survey takers and the market research companies. In simpler terms, they are just a middle-man grabbing a piece of the cake.

How so? You don’t complete the surveys on the Gold Opinions website. Instead, you are given a list of survey companies that you are supposed to sign up and complete the surveys on their website.

In short; Gold Opinions is not the one who pays you, the 3rd-party survey sites do. Gold Opinions makes money for themselves when YOU complete surveys on those 3rd-party sites.

They make money with a method called affiliate marketing which is a legit business model but it’s not implemented in a very ethical way in this case.

They are selling a survey list for a membership fee which is unheard of and not a good deal in my opinion. Surveys already pay a very low amount so it’s hard for you to break even when you have to deal with monthly subscriptions.

This survey list has the signup affiliate links for the 3rd-party survey sites and if you signup through these links and complete surveys — Gold Opinions earns commissions from your efforts.

This whole service is constructed in a way that benefits the owner more than the customers.

Every legit paid survey site is free to join so you shouldn’t be paying for membership fees like this.

What Do You Get With Gold Opinions Membership?

You get access to 2 categories of survey lists and these have links to 3rd-party survey sites you are then supposed to sign up.

With proper research, you could find these for free online.

Here are the categories:

  1. Premium surveys (over 100 surveys)
  2. Surveys by country

“Surveys by country” is helpful for those living outside the US because sometimes it’s hard to find surveys you are qualified for due to geographic restrictions.

It’s still something you shouldn’t need to pay for.

The Red Flags Of Gold Opinions

#1 – Membership Fee On A Survey Site

Legit paid survey sites do not cost you anything to join and earn cash.

The fact that Gold Opinions costs you $27 per month is not normal for a “survey” site and thus it is a big red flag.

Gold Opinions Reasoning

This is their reasoning for the membership fee and why they don’t take a part of your earnings.

The thing is that they couldn’t take commissions of your earned money even if they wanted because they are not the ones handling the money.

#2 – Income Expectations Are Unrealistic

It was advertised that you could earn thousands of dollars by doing this but it’s just not realistic.

The case study I linked earlier mentioned that he saw zero $50 premium surveys in a period of the month so I’m not very convinced you would find either.

The realistic amount you get paid per survey is a few $ at most. Then there’s the never-ending hassle of being qualified to take specific surveys and sometimes you don’t even get paid for completing these.

It’s also a struggle for non-US people to complete surveys because there just aren’t as many opportunities outside the states.

#3 – Duplicated Websites

Gold Opinions Duplicated Scam

All these websites are made by the same person and they are selling a membership on ClickBank.

The purpose of these sites is to make money for the owner by selling a product that was quickly assembled and duck taped together.

The sites are identical to one another and they all state “$8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date”.

If this doesn’t already speak for shady business, I don’t know what else to add.

#4 – Unknown Owner

We have no idea who the actual owner is.

I have no doubt that the owner is using a pen name for his works. I have reviewed enough ClickBank products to see this happen on every fishy product.

All the testimonials are also fake on the site. They are there just to raise trust but in my eyes, Gold Opinions hasn’t done anything to deserve a mention from these authority companies. I don’t believe they are real.

Gold Opinions Fake testimonial

Is Gold Opinions A Scam?

Yes, in my opinion, this is a scam.

It’s not an actual paid survey site and their only goal seems to be to make money off their customers and not the other way around.

I have never heard of a “survey” site that costs money to join and that is a big red flag already. Every legit paid survey site I know is free to join.

The fact that this “product” can be found in ClickBank and how they make money when you sign up for their recommended 3rd-party survey sites supports unethical intentions.

On top of that, the unrealistic income promises, duplicated websites and the unknown owner doesn’t add to the trust and credibility.

Gold Opinion Alternatives

To be honest, you could earn more with a part-time minimum wage job than completing surveys.

But I guess the lucrative part of surveys is that you can do it from the comfort of your home without much hassle.

Here are some legit survey site alternatives if you want to make some pocket change:

However, I can’t leave you with mere survey recommendations when there are way better options to earn money online.

You can check what I mean in the next section.

How I Make Money Online

Back in the days, I used to think surveys were the only way to make money online but I just didn’t know of anything better.

There are hundreds of great ways to earn in the online space and let’s be honest, surveys aren’t the great ones for how little they pay.

I personally do affiliate marketing which I consider to be a much better option compared to surveys.

Surveys offer supplementary money but affiliate marketing can bring in full-time income and more if you wish. The difference is that big.

In case you want to make money from the comfort of your home, I suggest you take a peek at this great affiliate marketing training course that is free to join. It’s the same course I used to create my online business.

Thanks for reading my review and hopefully we see on the other side.

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