Is ZoanCash Legit Or Scam? $300/Day Influencer Job?

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Since you are doing some research, you are probably wondering if you can really earn $300 daily with this so-called “number 1 influencer network”.

Earning $300 daily is tempting for sure. It is a lot of money.

But is ZoanCash legit? Could it be a scam?

That’s what I am going to answer in this review, so keep reading if you want to know everything about ZoanCash.

In this post, you will learn the following:

  • What is it?
  • Is ZoanCash Legit?
  • Problems I found
  • Is it possible to make any money
  • How does ZoanCash really work

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  • Time For Money

Is ZoanCash Legit?

ZoanCash is not a legit earning opportunity since it belongs to a scam network. I don’t recommend joining because your personal information might be at risk.

  • People are not getting paid for their efforts
  • They are lying about their founding date
  • The owner is unknown
  • Payment proofs are faked
  • Possible data harvesting & selling to 3rd-parties.

What Is ZoanCash?

Is ZoanCash Legit

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ZoanCash is claiming to be the number one influencer network where you can monetize your social media following.

It is basically a GPT-site (Get-paid-To) or sometimes also called a “rewards” site.

On the front page, you are promised to get paid $15 for every person who joins through your referral links.

They also provide other ways to earn, such as creating promotional content to social media and completing small tasks like downloading apps.

The earning rates look like this:

  • $15 for every person invited & $2 for every click on your link
  • $30 per task completed
  • $10-$50 for promotional posts on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • $25 signup bonus

These rates look very generous for sure. A bit too generous.

When you compare these rates to one of the more popular rewards sites like SurveyJunkies, they are only paying $1.50 per referral who joins through your links.

And $1-3 just happens to be the range of what most legit sites are paying for referral sign-ups, so how come ZoanCash can pay over 5 times more than the most popular sites out there?

ZoanCash is also free to join, and there are no paid services inside.

Where are they getting the money to pay such high commissions?

Is ZoanCash Legit?

When you take a look at the sums that ZoanCash is promising, it can look like an easy answer to many people’s financial problems.

Who wouldn’t like to earn $300 every day without doing much work?

The thing is that ZoanCash is trying hard to appeal to the audience that is in dire need of money.

They have all these promises of huge money sums, testimonials, and payment proofs in place to convince you that this is real.

I have reviewed many similar opportunities, and when something seems too good to be true, it often is.

This is also the case with ZoanCash.

When you take a closer look at the site, you start seeing hints that not everything is as legit as it might seem.

I have gathered a list of serious problems proving that ZoanCash is just a scam, and not a real earning opportunity.

See for yourself and decide how legit ZoanCash really is.

Red Flags Of ZoanCash

#1 – Spelling Mistakes

Now, I’m not the kind of guy who bashes people for a few spelling mistakes since I do those myself sometimes.

However, If you are claiming to be the number 1 influencer network that is promising $300 daily payouts, then I expect the site of this caliber to at least have correct grammar on their front page.

ZoanCash spelling mistakes

Those were just a few of many.

I know this might be nitpicking, but grammar errors really do affect the credibility of any site.

If ZoanCash really was holding the number 1 influencer network title, you would not see mistakes like this.

#2 – Founding Date

ZoanCash faked past

Here you see the founding date of ZoanCash, which they are saying was created in 2008 along with some other “achievements” they’ve reached.

It’s pretty easy to see if any of this is true.

We can simply check when the website was created using a handy tool.

Look at this:

ZoanCash domain age

Well, well, what do we see.

The site is only 3 months old at the time of writing this.

Quite an achievement to become the number 1 influencer network in just 3 months.

I think it’s fair at this point to say that ZoanCash is just a blatant scam.

But let’s see what else they are lying about.

#3 – Payment Proofs Are Faked

Now that we know the site is only 3 months old, we can take a look at the payment proofs.

Check out the dates on these “payment proofs”:

ZoanCash fake payment proof

They are all from January 2020 and now is July 2020, meaning ZoanCash didn’t even exist when these payment proofs were taken.

It’s a rather common way to fake up payment proofs and testimonials, so they would appear more authentic than they are.

I see it in almost every scam product that I’ve reviewed.

#4 – Unknown Owner

When you take any popular platform like Amazon or Facebook, you know who is behind creating those platforms.

How come we have no idea who the owner of ZoanCash is? It’s supposed to be the number one influencer network, but we don’t even know who created it.

I see this all the time with bad products.

Whenever there is something wrong with a product or something to hide, the creator is nowhere to be seen.

The only reason they want to remain hidden is so they can avoid getting caught, and keep creating more scam products in the future.

#5 – Their Social Media Accounts Do Not Exist

The top and bottom of the page have links to their social media accounts, but these only take you to the social media platform’s front page, and not to ZoanCash’s profile.

They don’t even have any social media profiles.

These are simply decorations that are supposed to make the site look more credible.

#6 – People Are Not Getting Paid

ZoanCash feedback

Now, this is the main reason why ZoanCash is a big scam.

No one has gotten paid when they have requested a cash out for their earned money.

The image above is just one of many victims who have tried to make money with this opportunity.

I will explain this in more detail further below.

#7 – A Clone Site

Now, I have to admit that this is not the first time I see this influencer network scam.

Recently, I have reviewed a bunch of these sites, and they seem to belong to a wide scam network where they create the same platform under many domain names.

All these sites are running the same scam:

ZoanCash is just one of the sites running this scam out of 10…30 other similar sites. Maybe there are even more.

What do you mean by clone sites?

This is what I mean by clone sites, have a look:

Is Click4Kash Legit
Is Tap2Earn A Scam
ZoanCash privacy policy copy

They are all pretty much running the same scam with the same income claims, and ZoanCash is also part of these clones.

And every single one of those sites are not paying their users.

#8 – Contradicting Promises

This is just a little extra that I wanted to add.

What they are promising seems to change quite a bit.

Here they are promising $15 for every follower you invite.

ZoanCash Claim

And when you scroll down a bit, you can see how they are saying you will only earn $10 per referral.

So, which one is it $15 or $10?

ZoanCash Contradicting Promises

What is really going on here is that since these are clone sites, they have a habit of copy & pasting sentences from other clone sites.

It’s a pretty easy way to identify these scams by looking for small contradictions like this one.

How Does ZoanCash Really Work?

So, what’s the point of scamming people like this?

It’s probably not a big surprise, but it’s all about making money for the owner.

I can also explain how this scam works, so here goes.

First, people are lured to join the platform with huge income claims.

Remember how you are promised $15 for every friend you refer?

That is simply a tactic to get people to advertise ZoanCash for free on social media. And you can probably imagine how much attention it causes when someone is promising lots of money for little work.

It naturally attracts people to join to see if it’s real.

But how does the owner make money from all this traffic?

Method 1: Advertisements

The site has a few banner ads, and whenever people click on these advertisements, the owner is making money.

These scams are getting quite a lot of traffic, so it’s most likely making a decent income for the owner.

Especially if you have 20 of similar sites running at the same time.

Method 2: Offer Wall

Inside ZoanCash there is an offer wall where you can complete tasks to earn money.

It looks like this:

ZoanCash Offer Wall

These tasks are provided by 3rd-party market research companies.

Whenever a user completes one of the tasks, ZoanCash will get paid by the market research companies.

Normally, you would get a cut of the profits, but since ZoanCash is a scam, they are keeping all the money for themselves.

Method 3: Data Harvesting & Selling it to 3rd-Parties

There is a high chance that ZoanCash is also collecting your personal information, and selling it to 3rd-parties.

This includes your name, email address, password, bank account number, etc.

Whenever some platform is free to join, your personal information is often the product that gets sold forward.

What To Do If You Already Joined?

In case you have already created an account for ZoanCash, I suggest you log in and delete/change your personal information to something gibberish.

If you use the same password in some other places, then I highly recommend that you change your password on those other sites.

Otherwise, you will risk losing your accounts to hijackers.

Is It Possible To Make Money With ZoanCash?

Thumbs Down

I understand how tempting these sites are with their promises of huge money.

However, you can’t make any money with ZoanCash since they are not paying their users.

When you complete tasks inside ZoanCash, your earnings number is going up for sure, but the problems start when you try to cash out your earned money.

When you do cash out, you are placed into a 30-day manual review process where your account is checked for any fraudulent activity. At the end of the review, your payout request is declined or postponed indefinitely, even if you didn’t cheat the system.

That’s how it has been for every member who has tried to get paid.

The only reason there is a “30-day manual review” is that the person would forget that he/she even proceeded to cash out their earnings. It also gives more time for the site to lure people in before it is revealed as a scam.

A Legit Way To Make Money Online

Learn To Make Money Online12

ZoanCash ended up being a big disappointment for sure.

Thankfully, there are legit ways to make money online, which I’m going to show you next as I promised at the start of this post.

If you want to make some side-cash (at best) I would recommend these rewards sites:

But in case you are looking to make a full-time income, then you need to start an online business as I have done.

If you are interested in getting started with the same method that I do for living from the comfort of my home, then I suggest you take a look at this in-depth 10-day video training course.

It is completely free to get started, and you will also get my personal 1-on-1 support!

Thanks for reading my ZoanCash review, and I hope it was helpful.

Feel free to drop comments below, I’ll gladly answer them.

See you soon.

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