Can You Make Money With Solitaire Smash? Legit Or Not?

Are you searching for unique ways to earn money online?

One surprising method people are exploring is playing the mobile game, Solitaire Smash.

This blog post will provide a review of this interesting money-making opportunity, detailing everything from how it works to its legitimacy and payout process.

So let’s dive into the world of monetary gains through mobile gaming!

Can you make money with solitaire smash

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What is Solitaire Smash?

Solitaire Smash is a mobile game that offers players the chance to earn money by playing solitaire.

In this game, you play solitaire to get points and then you can use these points to enter tournaments to win cash prizes (if you win that is).

As you play more, your skills get better and so do your chances of winning.

You can also spend money to buy spots in tournaments and this is where it becomes a bit controversial if your goal is to earn money (more about this later).

How it works?

Let’s quickly summarize how this whole process works:

  • Download the Solitaire Smash app from your app store.
  • Create an account and log in to start playing.
  • Choose the type of game you want to play, such as Classic Solitaire or Time Attack.
  • Use your skills to complete each level by arranging the cards in a specific order.
  • The faster you complete the game and the more points you earn, the higher your chances of winning cash prizes.
  • Participate in challenges and tournaments to compete with other players for even bigger rewards.
  • Cash out your winnings through various payout methods offered by the app.

Is Solitaire Smash Legit?

Solitaire Smash has gained popularity as a mobile game, but is it a legitimate app?

Let’s address any concerns and explore the reviews and feedback from users.

Addressing the legitimacy of the app

Solitaire Smash is a legitimate (albeit controversial) mobile game app that offers the opportunity to win cash prizes through tournaments.

However, it’s important to note that while Solitaire Smash is legit, it may be misleading about the ease of winning money. It can actually be quite challenging to earn anything at all.

And if you spend real money to buy-in tournament spots, you can lose it all.

So yes, there is a gambling element to this as well.

If you’re looking for quick and easy cash, this might not be the best option for you.

It may not even be legal in some specific countries with strict gambling restrictions.

But if you enjoy playing solitaire and are interested in potentially making some money while doing so, Solitaire Smash could be a fun and rewarding choice.

Reviews and feedback from users

Solitaire Smash has garnered a mix of reviews and feedback from users, some praising its potential for cash rewards while others cautioning against the challenges in achieving significant earnings.

Below is a summary of user feedback in a table format.

Review TypeUser Comments
PositiveSome users praise Solitaire Smash for being a legitimate app for earning extra money while enjoying a game of solitaire. They appreciate the cash prizes offered in game tournaments and find the app a reliable way to earn.
NegativeDespite the potential for cash rewards, some users have found it challenging to earn a significant amount. Complaints have been raised about the difficulty of winning, with some suggesting the app misleads users about the ease of winning money and some players actually being rigged bots.
CautionaryWhile Solitaire Smash can be fun and potentially profitable, you should approach it with caution. It involves real money and may not guarantee consistent earnings. Potential users need to be aware of the risks associated with gambling and addiction.

The feedback from users demonstrates that while Solitaire Smash may offer the chance to win cash rewards, it is not a guaranteed way to earn significant amounts and should be approached with caution due to the potential risks associated with gambling.

Can You Make Money with Solitaire Smash?

Solitaire Smash offers various opportunities to earn money including challenges, tournaments, and rewards. Players can cash out their earnings through different payout methods provided by the app.

solitaire smash

Earning potential and payout methods

Solitaire Smash offers the potential to earn money by playing games. Here are some key points about earning potential and payout methods:

  • The app provides various payout options for cash rewards including PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and more.
  • Users can participate in challenges and tournaments to increase their earnings.
  • However, it’s important to note that earning significant amounts of money may be challenging and not guaranteed. You could even lose money if you buy tournament spots.
  • Referrals and watching ads are additional ways to earn money through the app, but these methods won’t result in substantial earnings.

Realistic earning expectations

Solitaire Smash offers the opportunity to win cash prizes through tournaments, but you need to have realistic expectations about your earnings.

While the app claims you can earn up to $243 per game, it may be challenging to consistently achieve significant winnings.

And to be honest, I’ve seen a fair bit of similar apps in the past and I have good reasons to believe these claims are unrealistic.

Yeah, some bigger tournaments (with higher buy-ins) could have a prize of $243, but you need to spend money to participate and if you lose, you won’t get your buy-in back.

Therefore, you should not rely on Solitaire Smash as a reliable source of income.

Instead, view it as a way to gamble your money while enjoying playing solitaire. Keep in mind that winning cash prizes is not guaranteed and requires skill and luck.

Summarizing the pros and cons


  • Provides a chance to earn money by playing solitaire, which can be appealing to gambling enthusiasts.
  • The game has a skill element making it potentially lucrative for dedicated players.
  • Solitaire Smash has a user-friendly interface and offers various challenges, tournaments, and rewards to keep players engaged.


  • It can be challenging to earn significant amounts of money
  • The app is misleading about the ease of winning money, leading some players to have unrealistic expectations.
  • There are hidden fees in gaming apps like Solitaire Smash that users should be aware of before participating in tournaments or cashing out their earnings.
  • Gambling is involved with Solitaire Cash, which can be risky for individuals who may become addicted to playing and lose more than they win.

recommendations & alternatives

If you enjoy playing Solitaire Smash, there are a few recommendations and alternatives to consider.

One recommendation is to manage your expectations and understand that earning significant amounts of money may be challenging (or next to impossible).

You should also approach the game with the mindset of enjoying the gameplay rather than solely focusing on making money.

If you’re looking for alternative apps that offer cash prizes, you can explore other legitimate opportunities such as Swagbucks.

Or if you want to earn proper money instead of side cash, you could look into starting an online business (more about this below).

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