Affiliate Disclosure

Hey there! It’s Mikko here.

As you might have noticed, I review many products and services on this site ( that I have come across online. Something you should know is that I do earn money with this site, mainly with the use of affiliate links (& display ads) on a few dedicated pages.

That means I might earn a commission if you end up clicking and buying through any of the links on this site.

Rest assured, it won’t come as an extra cost to you in any way. You may even get a discount in some cases.

I also want to emphasize that me earning commissions does not mean my opinions and published reviews are affected in any way.

I would never risk my reputation and business for a quick commission. I am 100% honest in my reviews and recommendations.

All the information on this website is based on my research and opinions.

For more information, you can see my about and privacy policy pages.

If you have questions, you can contact me via email here.

Thank you.