10 Ways To Earn With Chickens

Are you pondering the profit potential of backyard chicken farming?

Chicken farming, as a matter of fact, is a lucrative venture given the steady demand for poultry products.

This post unpacks 10 ways you can turn your flock into a fruitful business including selling eggs, chicks, and even homemade feed!

Is clucking around with chickens really worth it?

Keep reading to find out.

Can you make money with chickens

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Key Takeaways

  • You can make money with chickens by selling chicken eggs, fertile eggs for hatching, chicks, pullets (young female chickens), and meat birds.
  • Other ways to make money include selling stew hens, show birds at farm auctions, chicken feathers, bagged chicken manure, and homemade chicken feed.
  • Farmer’s markets, farm stands, social media platforms, online groups, and local restaurants are great places to sell your chicken products and increase profitability.

10 Ways to Make Money with Chickens

1. Selling chicken eggs

People pay good money for fresh chicken eggs.

And as you’d expect, this is often the first choice to make some cash from your flock.

For example, you can sell all the extra eggs you don’t need. The price range of fresh eggs varies based on where they are sold, but usually falls between $3.50 a dozen or more in many areas.

To be successful at this, keep the chickens healthy and make sure their coop is clean always. This helps them lay more eggs that you can sell for profit!

You may also be interested in these guidelines for small producers selling eggs in Maryland.

2. Selling fertile eggs for hatching

One profitable opportunity in chicken farming is selling fertile eggs for hatching.

These eggs are sought after by people who want to hatch their own chicks and raise them. Selling fertile eggs can be a good source of income, especially if you have high-quality breeding stock.

The price of fertile eggs varies depending on factors like the breed and rarity of the chickens. It’s important to make sure that the eggs are properly handled, stored, and shipped to maintain their viability.

When you provide customers with healthy and viable fertile eggs, you can generate a decent income from this aspect of chicken farming.

Potential income ranges between $3-$10 per fertile egg.

3. Hatching and selling chicks

Hatching and selling chicks can be a profitable opportunity for chicken owners.

Many people are interested in raising their own backyard flock, so there is demand for healthy baby chicks.

Depending on the breed and quality, you can sell each chick for $3 to $8.

If you have a broody hen or an incubator, hatching the eggs yourself is cost-effective. However, keep in mind that it requires knowledge and proper care to hatch healthy chicks.

Providing information on how to care for the chicks after purchase can also help attract customers and build a good reputation for your business.

4. Selling pullets (young female chickens)

You can make money by selling pullets, which are young female chickens.

These pullets are in high demand among backyard chicken keepers and small-scale farmers who want to start their flock without going through the hassle of raising chicks or waiting for them to grow up.

You can sell pullets that have just started laying eggs at a higher price than regular hens because they will start producing eggs sooner. Depending on your location, you can earn around $15 to $30 per pullet, making it a profitable opportunity in the chicken business.

Keep in mind that proper care and maintenance of these birds is essential for their health and productivity.

5. Selling meat birds

Selling meat birds can be another profitable venture for chicken farmers.

Unlike chickens raised for eggs, meat birds are bred specifically for their meat. They grow quickly and reach market weight in just a few months.

While the upfront costs of raising meat birds may be higher due to their specialized feed requirements, the potential profits can outweigh those expenses. The demand for locally-raised organic chicken is growing, and selling your homegrown meat birds can fetch a good price in the market.

With proper planning and management, raising and selling meat birds can be a worthwhile opportunity in the poultry farming business.

6. Selling stew hens

Selling stew hens is another opportunity to make money with chickens.

Stew hens are mature laying hens that are no longer productive in terms of egg-laying.

But, they still have value as meat birds.

Stew hens can be sold to individuals or restaurants who use them for making rich and flavorful chicken stews or soups. This can be a profitable option if you have a surplus of older hens that need to be culled from your flock.

So instead of letting them go to waste, selling them as stew hens allows you to generate income from birds that would otherwise have limited use on your farm.

7. Selling show birds at farm auctions

You can also make money by selling show birds at farm auctions.

Show birds are chickens that have been specially bred to meet certain standards for appearance and breed traits. They are often sought after by poultry enthusiasts, hobbyists, and even professional breeders.

At farm auctions, you can showcase your high-quality show birds and attract potential buyers who are willing to pay a premium price for them. This can be a profitable opportunity if you have invested in breeding purebred or rare chicken breeds that are in demand.

Make sure to provide accurate information about the breed and any awards or certifications your birds may have received to increase their value.

8. Selling chicken feathers

Chicken feathers can also be sold for profit.

Feathers are in demand for a variety of purposes including crafts, fly tying for fishing, and even making pillows and bedding. You can collect and package the feathers from your chickens to sell them online or at local craft fairs.

The price of chicken feathers can vary depending on their quality and quantity, but it can be a profitable additional income stream to consider if you’re already raising chickens.

9. Bagging and selling chicken manure

Chicken manure is a valuable fertilizer that many gardeners and farmers use to improve soil quality and promote plant growth.

Bagging and selling chicken manure is a good money-making option since your chickens produce it naturally. It’s an eco-friendly way to recycle waste and create a valuable product for others.

It requires minimal effort on your part once you’ve collected the manure. Just package it properly, market it, and find interested buyers who are willing to pay for this nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.

10. Making and selling homemade chicken feed

By creating your own feed, you have control over the ingredients and quality of the food you provide to your flock (or potential customers).

This can be appealing to customers who are interested in organic or specialty feeds. Homemade chicken feed recipes often include grains, seeds, vegetables, and supplements that are nutritious for chickens.

Selling homemade chicken feed can help generate additional income from your backyard chickens while also providing a valuable product to other poultry enthusiasts.

Where to Sell Your Chicken Products?

Farmer’s markets

Farmer’s markets are a great place to sell your chicken products and connect with local customers.

These markets provide an opportunity to showcase the freshness and quality of your eggs, meat birds, and other poultry items.

Many people prefer buying directly from farmers because they trust that the products are healthier and more sustainable. Participating in farmer’s markets allows you to build relationships with customers who value locally sourced food.

It’s also a chance to earn higher prices for your chicken products compared to selling them at grocery stores or online platforms.

So, consider setting up a booth at farmer’s markets to boost your profits and meet people who appreciate what you have to offer!

Farm stands

Farm stands are a great option for selling your chicken products directly to customers.

Setting up a farm stand allows you to showcase your fresh eggs, chicks, and other poultry products in a local community setting.

You can attract customers by offering high-quality and locally sourced items. Also having face-to-face interactions with customers gives you the opportunity to build relationships and educate them about the benefits of your products.

Farm stands can be set up at farmers’ markets or even on your own property, providing convenience for both you and your customers.

Social media platforms

You can also sell your chicken products through social media platforms.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you reach an audience and draw in potential customers.

You can create posts showcasing your fresh eggs, baby chicks, or other poultry products.

You can include information about their quality and price to entice buyers. Using social media allows you to connect directly with interested individuals in your local community or even beyond.

Online groups

Another way is to sell your chicken products through online groups.

These groups can be found on social media platforms or dedicated websites for farmers and poultry enthusiasts. Joining these groups allows you to connect with a large audience who are interested in buying fresh eggs, chicks, pullets, or other chicken-related products.

You can showcase your offerings and communicate directly with potential customers. It’s a convenient way to reach people who may not be able to visit farmer’s markets or farm stands in person.

On another note, it gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base beyond local buyers.


Many restaurants are interested in sourcing fresh local ingredients including eggs and meat from chickens.

When you establish relationships with restaurant owners or chefs, you can offer them high-quality poultry products that they can use in their dishes. This can include selling them farm-raised chickens for meat or providing them with fresh eggs for their breakfast menus.

Selling to restaurants can be a profitable opportunity as they often pay higher prices for premium products.

So if you have surplus eggs or extra chickens to sell, reaching out to local restaurants could be a smart move to boost your income from chicken farming.

Considerations and Costs

ways to make money with chickens

Chick supplies

To start your poultry business, you’ll need some basic supplies for your chicks.

These include a brooder box or heat lamp to keep them warm, a waterer and feeder for their food and drink, bedding material like wood shavings or straw, and chick starter feed.

Proper supplies are required to ensure the health and well-being of your chickens as they grow. It’s important to budget for these supplies when considering the costs of starting your chicken venture.

Feed costs

Feed costs play a significant role when raising chickens for profit.

The type and quality of feed you provide to your flock will directly impact their growth, health, and egg production.

It’s important to carefully consider the cost and nutritional value of different feeds available.

On average, it can cost around $3-$5 per month to feed one chicken.

Buying bulk quantities can help reduce expenses, as well as exploring local options like buying from farmers or growing your own chicken feed.

Housing for your flock

A sturdy chicken coop with enough space for each bird is needed. Make sure the coop has good ventilation and protection from harsh weather conditions.

The size of the coop will depend on how many chickens you have. You should also provide nesting boxes for them to lay their eggs comfortably. It’s important to keep the coop clean to prevent diseases and maintain the health of your chickens.

Another important thing is to ensure that the coop is secure as it will protect your flock from predators and theft. Proper housing contributes to the overall well-being of your birds allowing them to thrive and produce high-quality eggs or meat for sale.

Business expenses

Running a chicken business comes with certain expenses that need to be considered.

Some of the common business expenses include buying feed for the chickens, purchasing equipment and supplies, such as chicken coops and nesting boxes, and covering veterinary costs for the health of the flock.

You should budget and plan for these expenses to ensure profitability.

Also, marketing your chicken products may require some investment in advertising or promoting your offerings through social media platforms or your own website.

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