Make Money With Shipt: Is It Possible (& Worth it)?

Are you looking for creative ways to grow your income?

You’ve likely heard about Shipt, the delivery service taking the nation by storm. 

Now, is it possible to use this platform to earn a few extra bucks? Or even as a main source of income?

Today, we’ll dive into the earning side of Shipt. We’ll explore real-life stories, potential earnings, and the requirements involved. We’ll also figure out if you can really make money with Shipt and if it’s worth it to get started.

Hop aboard, let’s take a deep dive into the money-making potential of Shipt!

make money with shipt

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What is Shipt & Can You Make Money With It?

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that allows customers to create shopping lists which Shipt shoppers then fulfill and deliver directly to their door.

Shipt is changing how people shop. It’s a godsend for the busy, the tired, and those people who are always “on the go”.

Joining the Shipt movement is pretty simple. All you need is a reliable set of wheels, a driver’s license, and a will to help people across your city (we’ll take a closer look at this further below).

But does Shipt also offer a chance to make money? Short answer: Yes.

The driving force behind Shipt’s success is its network of dedicated shoppers. These hard-working individuals, possibly like you, get paid for shopping and delivering the goods.

It’s as if they’ve turned a mundane chore into a pocket-money machine!

So, if you enjoy helping people, navigating grocery aisles, or just fancy driving around, Shipt could be your golden ticket – a peculiar but interesting way to boost your bank balance!

How Shipt works In A Nutshell

Shipt enables its shoppers to earn money on each order they complete.

The platform works in two parts: shop for the items on a customer’s order and deliver them straight to their door. For each successful delivery achieved, Shipt pays you. With tips involved, your earnings can add up to a surprising total.

Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. You sign up to become a Shipt shopper and undergo an approval process.
  2. Once approved, you get access to available orders through the Shipt app.
  3. Orders consist of grocery items that customers have selected.
  4. As a shopper, you go to the store, pick out the required items, and pay for them using a preloaded card from Shipt.
  5. After completing the purchase, you deliver the groceries to the customer’s doorstep at their requested time.
  6. Customers can leave tips for excellent service directly via the app, adding to your base pay from Shipt.
  7. Each order outlines how much you can expect to earn before accepting it.
  8. The payment for each delivery varies based on factors like location and time of day but falls between $16 and $22 per hour on average
  9. You are paid per order rather than hourly and some ambitious shoppers have managed earnings equivalent to $25-$35 per hour or even $500-$1000 per week.

Can Anyone Earn Money on Shipt?

Just who can transform a casual shopping trip into an income source?

Shipt opens its doors to anyone over the age of 18 no matter whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, or someone in need of a side hustle.

However, a few baseline requirements need checking off the list before you start earning.

First off, you need reliable transportation. As your job involves picking up groceries and delivering them, a vehicle you can depend on is crucial.

Secondly, you must have a valid U.S driver’s license. Driving without one is against the law, so that’s a no-brainer.

Finally, Shipt asks for proof of car insurance. When you’re on the road, safety is key, and insurance ensures you’re covered.

As for skills, there aren’t many difficult hurdles to leap.

Shipt shoppers need good time management to avoid late deliveries. They also need strong customer service skills to provide the best experience to their users. Can’t find the exact brand of cereal a customer wants? Your problem-solving skills will come into play.

If you find yourself nodding along with these requirements and skills, then yes, you can indeed earn money with Shipt! All you need is the will, the drive, and a bit of patience to get started on your money-making adventure.

How Much Can You Make As A Shipt Shopper?

This system sounds great on paper, but you’re probably wondering: Are people genuinely making money with Shipt?

Let’s dive into the real world with Jamie’s story.

Jamie, a college student, started shopping with Shipt to make a little extra cash. The flexibility of choosing her hours fitted smoothly around her classes. Fast forward six months, she managed to save enough from her Shipt earnings to add nicely to her travel fund.

A rather unconventional method yet a great way to make money on the side.

Another Shopper shared that they earned around $320.76 over two full weeks, averaging out to approximately $15-$22 per hour. And some Shipt shoppers in New Jersey have reported earning up to $25 per hour.

Shipt is full of stories like these, turning what was an opportunity to earn a little extra into a remarkable savings strategy or even a primary income source for some.

Knowing Your Earning Potential

It’s essential to note that as a Shipt shopper, your earnings depend heavily on a couple of factors.

Firstly, the number of deliveries you complete each week plays a big role.

More deliveries mean more money in your pocket. Shopping for Shipt is not a fixed-hour job. You get to choose your schedule. So, the more hours you’re willing to put in, the more you stand to earn.

Secondly, tipping can boost your income. The fact is, tips are not a necessity, but a fair number of customers will reward your hard work with them.

Just to give you a ballpark idea, some Shipt shoppers report earnings of around $15 to $20 per hour, including tips. No cap limits your earning potential. It opens the door to making as much as your time and effort dictate.

It might sound like a lot to consider, but it’s very simple once you get started.

Many have used this platform to bring in some extra cash, and you can too! With a clear outlook and dedicated service, you can turn this opportunity into a worthwhile venture.

Your earning potential with Shipt is truly what you make of it.

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Tips for Increasing Earnings with Shipt

If you’re eager to make the most out of your time as a Shipt shopper, here are some tips to help you increase your income:

  • Work During Peak Hours: More customers place orders during peak times, like weekends or evenings. Align your schedule with these hours to optimize the number of orders you can take.
  • Provide Excellent Service: Being careful with customers’ orders and delivering on time can earn you better tips. Also, personal touches, like a thank you note, can help.
  • Be Efficient: Learn the layout of your frequented stores. Knowing exactly where items are will speed up your shopping time, allowing you to complete more orders.
  • Mileage expenses: Remember too, the IRS allows you to deduct business-related mileage expenses. So, keep track of your miles!
  • Multi-order Batches: Once you’re comfortable, consider taking on more than one order at a time. Shipt permits you to pick up multiple orders from the same store, multiplying your earning potential.

Each shopping trip is another chance to earn some extra dollars.

Getting Good Reviews

You also want to get good reviews to increase the likelihood of getting tips.

Follow these tips to get good reviews as a Shipt shopper:

  1. Provide excellent customer service: Be friendly, polite, and attentive to customers’ needs. Offer assistance and answer any questions they may have.
  2. Communicate effectively: Keep customers informed about the status of their order. Let them know if there are any substitutions or delays. Respond promptly to messages and address any concerns they may have.
  3. Pay attention to details: Double-check items for accuracy and quality before delivering them to the customer. Ensure that all products are properly labeled and packaged.
  4. Be reliable and punctual: Always arrive on time for deliveries and complete orders within the expected timeframe. Customers appreciate shoppers who can be relied upon to deliver their groceries efficiently.
  5. Handle issues professionally: If a mistake occurs or there is an issue with an order, take responsibility and resolve it in a professional manner. Offer solutions or refunds when necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.
  6. Maintain a high level of cleanliness: Ensure that your vehicle is clean and presentable when making deliveries. Keep yourself well-groomed and wear a clean Shipt uniform or appropriate attire.
  7. Build positive relationships: Establish a good rapport with customers by being friendly, personable, and respectful. Aim to create a positive experience that encourages them to leave glowing reviews.

How To Stay Safe While Working

While earning money on Shipt is important, doing it safely is vital.

Here are a few tips on how to stay safe while delivering:

  1. Always communicate with customers using the in-app messaging system to maintain security and protect your personal information.
  2. Be cautious when delivering to unfamiliar locations or late at night. Trust your instincts and prioritize your personal safety.
  3. Park your car in well-lit areas and lock it securely when making deliveries.
  4. Avoid entering customers’ homes unless it is necessary for specific instructions or circumstances approved by Shipt.
  5. If you feel uncomfortable or encounter any suspicious behavior during delivery, contact Shipt support immediately.
  6. Use discretion when discussing the specifics of your work with others to protect your identity and prevent potential risks.

Risks & Rewards of Making Money with Shipt

Working for Shipt has its advantages, such as the flexibility to choose your own hours and work as much or as little as you want, along with the potential to earn decent money through base pay and tips.

However, there are also some drawbacks, like the low number of available orders in certain areas and the possibility of encountering frustrating customers or difficult delivery situations.

A person in the grocery store (1)

Advantages of working for Shipt

Being a Shipt shopper can put some extra cash in your pocket, but what’s the full picture?

Let’s start with the good stuff – the rewards.

The most apparent benefit is the liberty to choose your own working hours. Late-night owl or an early-rising lark, you tailor your job to your lifestyle. No more groaning alarm clocks or rushed morning commutes.

Moreover, the tip culture can significantly boost your earnings. Delivering exceptional service could lead to generous tips, adding a sweet boost to your base pay. It’s fantastic when you help a customer out, and they show their gratitude with a tip.

Here are some more advantages:

  1. Be your own boss: When working for Shipt, you are essentially running your own small business. You have control over how many hours you work and which orders you accept, giving you a sense of autonomy.
  2. Variety in work: Each order is unique, allowing you to experience different stores and interact with diverse customers. This variety keeps the job interesting and helps prevent monotony.
  3. Supportive community: Shipt has a dedicated community of shoppers who provide resources, tips, and guidance through online forums and groups. This support network can be valuable in navigating challenges and finding strategies for success.
  4. Opportunity for growth: With enough experience and positive reviews, it is possible to move up within Shipt’s shopper hierarchy and become eligible for higher-paying orders or bonuses.

Disadvantages of working for Shipt

Now, let’s broach the other side of the coin – the risks.

Not every workday may be a walk in the park.

Sometimes, store inventory may not match the customer’s order, creating an obstacle. Here your problem-solving skills will need to swing into action. Communication is vital; keeping the customer in the loop will help you navigate such issues.

Another challenge is that earnings can vary.

You might have hours or days with lesser order numbers, which could lead to dips in your income. To cushion these, planning your working hours during peak times, like weekends, could help maintain steady earnings.

Here are some more concerns:

  1. Lack of guaranteed hours: Shipt pays its drivers per order, which means that there may be times when there are no available orders to fulfill.
  2. Increased wear and tear on personal vehicle: Since Shipt shoppers use their own vehicles for deliveries, it can lead to additional maintenance costs and depreciation.
  3. Physical demands: The job requires shoppers to do heavy lifting and spend long hours on their feet, which can be tiring and physically challenging.
  4. Safety concerns: Interacting with unfamiliar customers and entering their homes poses potential safety risks for shoppers.

The Shipt platform offers an opportunity to make money in a flexible manner. Be ready for some occasional hiccups along the way, though.

But with determination and a pinch of strategy, you can manage these challenges, reaping the benefits of this potential income stream.

FAQs about Making Money with Shipt

There’s no doubt that a novel income source like Shipt can spike a volley of questions. Here, let’s tackle some common queries.

How much can I expect to make with Shipt?

Your earnings largely depend on the number of orders you fulfill. Shipt shoppers report earnings anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour, including tips. Your earning potential can increase with the more hours you devote.

Are there fixed work hours?

No, you enjoy the freedom to set your schedule based on your availability and preferences.

Can I track my earnings?

Sure! The Shipt shopper app provides an interface to monitor your earnings, helping you stay organized.

How and when do I receive my payment?

Shipt processes payments every Friday, directly to your bank account.

Is it possible to make Shipt my primary source of income?

While some shoppers use Shipt as a side hustle, others have transformed it into a full-time gig. The flexibility of hours coupled with your dedication can certainly make it a primary income source.

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