Omnitrition MLM Review – Make Money Selling Supplements?

Supplements can be damn expensive.

I frown every time I spend $13 on that small omega-3 fish oil bottle, and I don’t even know if it works — yet I still buy it.

Without a doubt, selling them sounds like a good business.

Especially if they cost up to $600 as some Omnitrition products do.

If you’ve been thinking of joining Omnitrition to sell that stuff, today I’m going to show you how realistic & worthwhile that would really be.

In this review, you’ll learn:

  • What is Omnitrition
  • How can you make money
  • How much does it cost to join
  • How much can you earn
  • Is Omnitrition a pyramid scheme or a scam?

And in case you decide Omnitrition is not for you, I’d like to show you how I make money online.

Are you interested in selling supplements?

Let’s get started…

Omnitrition Review Summary $49.95
  • Earning Potential
  • Products
  • Reputation

Omnitrition Business Opportunity Review

  • Vitamin & supplement MLM with a business opportunity
  • 20-50% commissions for distributors
  • Multiple product lines to choose from
  • Available only in the US
  • 2 Lawsuits in the past
  • Products are expensive = good commissions but hard to sell

What Is Omnitrition?

Omnitrition MLM Review - Make Money Selling Supplements

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Omnitrition is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company based in Nevada and founded in October 1989 by Roger & Barbara Daley.

They are selling nutritional products like vitamins and supplements for sports enthusiasts and weight loss customers.

All their products are manufactured in the US and their primary focus is on exceptional product quality.

Omnitrition is an MLM meaning they sell their products through independent distributors and not through conventional methods like physical stores.

These distributors are customers of the company who buy the products at wholesale prices and then sell them to you at retail prices (while trying to recruit you to become a distributor).

In a nutshell, this is the business opportunity they’re offering on their website.

Even though the products are only sold on a person-to-person basis, you can buy Omnitrition products on Amazon. Probably some distributors have decided to sell them that way.

What Kind Of Products Does Omnitrition Have?

Omnitrition Products

Let’s have a look at the product line of Omnitrition and what you’re supposed to sell if you decide to become a distributor.

Omnitrition is 30 years old and this shows in their product selection.

In short, there’s a huge selection of products.

There are 4 product categories:

  • Energy & Vitality
  • Nutrition
  • Specialty Products
  • Weight Management

Energy & Vitality

These products consist of powders, capsules, and candy bars. Depending on the product, they’re supposed to help you with energy levels, workouts, and memory. Some of them even have added appetite suppressants.

The price range for the products is $41.40 – $613.76


These products are mostly in liquid form and they are aiding sleep and immune defense. There are also basic vitamin supplements.

The price range is $37.85 – $344.77

Specialty Products

These include products for probiotics, CBD (even for pets), fibers, antioxidants, healthy hair & nails.

They are priced at $28.69 – $479.70

Weight Management

In this category, there are meal replacements, herbal teas, enhancers, and extracts that are supposed to help decrease starch calories, block the absorptions of dietary fat, etc.

The price range is $31.92 – $545.10

The flagship product seems to be the Omni Drops program which is supposed to aid with weight loss. It comes with an eating plan guide and recipes — and of course, Omni drops.

It’s not explained what the drops do exactly, but the program with one bottle costs $90.85 and $545.10 if you opt for the 6-pack.

Something to note is that none of these products have FDA approval which means they are not intended to cure or treat any medical conditions.

My first impression of the products is that they are fairly expensive as supplements typically can be. If you intend to become a distributor, the high price can help you earn better commissions but the downside is that the products are harder to sell.

How Can You Make Money With Omnitrition?

Just like most MLMs, Omnitrition has a business opportunity where you’re supposed to sell their products to potential customers and recruit them to your team.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of information on their website about the opportunity unless you buy the kit. They’re not very transparent if you ask me.

But I’ve managed to scrap some information regardless.

Omnitrition calls its distributors “Independent Marketing Associates” (IMA).

Also, your starting discount rate is 20% when you buy the business kit.

It means you can buy Omnitrition products at a 20% discount, and when you sell the products at retail price, you make a 20% profit.

Your discount rate can increase from 20% to up to 50% depending on your sales performance. The more you sell, the higher your commission rate.

There are 2 main ways to earn as an “IMA”:

Retail Profits

As an IMA, you purchase Omnitrition products at wholesale prices and then sell them to customers at retail prices.

Basically, you’ll buy low and sell high. That’s how you make a profit with this method.

Discount or Wholesale Profit

When you recruit someone to join your team, you can earn “discount profit” from their sales.

For example, if you’re at a 40% discount rate and your team member buys products at a 20% discount rate, you’ll earn the % difference (20% in this case) in profits.

There are two other earning methods called “Royalty Override” and “Periodic Promotional Bonuses” but for the sake of simplicity, I’m not going to explain them.

You can check them out yourself here.

It also seems this whole opportunity is only available to people living in the US.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Omnitrition?

Their business kit costs $49.95 (with a yearly renewal fee).

The kit comes with a rules & regulations handbook, marketing materials, product samples, etc.

When compared to other MLMs, it’s a fairly cheap business kit.

This is probably because the kit doesn’t come with a bunch of products that you’d have to sell.

You have to buy those separately.

If you want to become a successful distributor, you need to know the products inside out and preferably have used them yourself (with positive results).

Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time selling them.

As a side note, it can also get expensive fast because supplements are not the cheapest thing in the world.

One good thing about Omnitrition is that there is no minimum monthly amount you have to buy & sell to remain “active”.

That will save you money.

How Much Can You Earn With Omnitrition?

Omnitrition Sales Volume

As an IMA, you can earn 20-50% commissions on your sales. You can also make more money by recruiting people to join your team.

Your starting commissions are 20% so let’s say you manage to sell one Omni Drop program for $90.85, your commissions for that would be $18.17.

The earning potential is fairly good with Omnitrition products because they are expensive. They are also consumables meaning there’s potential for recurring sales.

But it’s a double-edged sword because selling expensive products is hard.

The potential is there, though.

Another concern of mine is that since the products can be bought online from Amazon, the customers don’t necessarily have to use a distributor to get their products.


Even after 30 years, Omnitrition doesn’t have a public income disclosure.

Typically, it’s not a good sign.


Because it usually means the distributors are earning very little money.

That’s how it tends to go with MLMs.

It’s not an easy “business” to get into.

Omnitrition is one of those old-school companies where their distributors still rely on face-to-face marketing which brings its own problems.

One major roadblock you’d probably have is that you’re tied to your geographical location which limits your potential customers.

A constant supply of new customers is critical if you want to succeed.

Most people who get into MLMs come crashing down because they can’t do that.

Is Omnitrition a Pyramid Scheme?

Omnitrition was sued in 1996 for being a pyramid scheme, but Omnitrition won the case and has been operating since.

So… it’s not a pyramid scheme, but I’d be careful if you are looking to join.

There was another lawsuit in 2017 about the Omni Drops, but the case was dropped in favor of Omnitrition.

Is Omnitrition A Scam?

Omnitrition has been around for 30 years and they have more than one product line you can sell.

They are not a scam, but the MLM business model can definitely feel like such for those who have failed with it.

MLMs are typically designed in a way to maximize profits for the company while distributors get paid very little.

It’s not a scam, but it’s sketchy for sure.

Should You Join Omnitrition?

Selling products as a distributor can earn you extra money, but I wouldn’t expect to earn a full-time income from it.

As it goes, people who get into MLMs usually lose money rather than make it.

Statistics show that only one percent of people make a full-time income from MLMs and those are the guys sitting at the very top.

Luckily, there are much better options out there to make money.

What’s A Better Way To Make Money Online?

Many MLM reps are moving over to affiliate marketing because it’s simply a better business model.

  • No recruiting
  • No confusing compensation plans
  • No need to be brand loyal
  • No recurring heavy investments
  • Easy to get started with realistic income potential

Affiliate marketing also resides in the online space meaning there’s an endless supply of customers. It’s also a growth industry rather than a shrinking one.

If you’d like to get started with your own online business, I have a free 7-day course on getting started with affiliate marketing.

Thanks again for reading my Omnitrition review.

Feel free to leave comments below.

Talk soon.

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